Ahlia Jane Williams entered this world in the early hours of Monday 11th June 2013. She grew into a thoughtful, funny and determined young girl with a thirst for knowledge. She was a kind, caring and an enthusiastic old soul with those lucky enough to be in her presence knowing the positive impact her energy had on this world.

Just one week after Ahlia’s seventh birthday she came home from school upset, complaining of not being able to see the blackboard in her class properly. Two days later she attended an optometrist appointment, where we were told she needed glasses due to a condition called esotropia. Her glasses were ordered (much to Ahlia’s delight), however over the next couple of days her left eye started to slightly turn inwards, which rang alarm bells. On Wednesday the 24th June 2020 we visited Ahlia’s GP, who sent us to the emergency ophthalmologist in Bunbury. From here we were encouraged to attend the local hospital for Ahlia to receive an MRI to rule out other possible causes. That afternoon we returned to the Ophthalmologist who voiced the diagnosis of our worst nightmare, ‘Your daughter has a brain tumour. You need to drive to Perth Children’s hospital immediately.’

After two long days and nights at PCH, away from Ahlia’s youngest brother whom she adores, we were given the diagnosis we were by no means prepared for. ‘Your daughter has Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG)’. This is incurable, a ‘go home and make memories’ diagnosis. Ahlia was given 12-18 months, with palliative radiation her only option. This only to buy more time for the memories we were told to go home and create.

Ahlia passed on Sunday, the 29th November 2020, less than six months post diagnosis. Ahlia was destined to have a positive impact on this world, and although she is no longer physically here on earth, we will use her story to raise awareness and funds for RUN DIPG to help create a world with hope that one day there will be a cure to the deadliest form of childhood cancer. A world which we forever dream existed in 2020.

RUN DIPG is an Australian Charity dedicated to improving outcomes for patients and their families impacted by DIPG. With no current treatment options, we will continue support RUN DIPG in moving towards a cure.

Ahlia Jane Williams, forever seven in heaven.

Ride for for Ahlia

Ride for Ahlia is a fundraising event created by Tom Buchanan, in honour of his niece Ahlia Jane.

Ride for Ahlia 2021 took place in March, where Tom rode from Windy Harbour to Leschenault in a single day; over 250kms. The ride raised over $45,000 for RUN DIPG, and an immeasurable amount of awareness in the process.

Ride for Ahlia 2022 is in planning for October 1st, with hope for the fundraiser to grow in numbers. Opening the road up to anyone willing to join in on the gruelling 12 hour ride. The more people involved, the more awareness created and the more dollars raised for the valuable research at Dunn Lab, supported by RUN DIPG.

For more information on how you can be involved, please reach out rideforahlia@outlook.com or visit the fundraising page here.

Ahlia’s Kindness Day

Ahlias Kindness Day is a day created in honour of Ahlia. A day in which we want to promote and encourage compassion, thoughtfulness and consideration of others, something that came so naturally to Ahlia.

Ahlias Kindness Day, 11th June 2021 found teachers and students within Eaton Primary School perform a random act of kindness in honour of Ahlia. In addition to spreading kindness and smiles within the school, they also wore Ahlias favourite colour (baby blue) and brought a gold coin donation to raise money for RUN DIPG, an Australian charity dedicated to improving outcomes of children diagnosed with DIPG.

After the overwhelming demand from other schools in the Southwest to be involved in 2021, this year you will find Ahlias Kindness Day being celebrated in many other Primary Schools on the 10th June.

In a world where you can be anything, BE KIND!

For more information on how you can be involved, please reach out ahliaskindnessday@outlook.com