Cancer researcher dad fighting for a cure to save his dying daughter

Content by Sunrise – Channel 7 – Edwina Bartholomew 

An Australian leukemia researcher is racing against the clock to stop his young daughter from succumbing to an incurable form of brain cancer.

Doctor Mat Dun and his GP wife were devastated when their little girl, Josephine, was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), an aggressive cancer which almost always targets young children.

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For a man who has dedicated his life to helping cure cancer, the diagnosis of his young daughter was an incredibly cruel blow.

Dr Dun is now using his medical expertise to treat and try to extend the life of his four-year-old daughter and the 20 other Australian children who are diagnosed with the incurable cancer each year.

Friends have raised about $20,000 but that is far short of the $150,000 needed to fund the potentially life-saving research project.

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