RUNDIPG Virtual Run

The 26th of September is Childhood Brain Cancer Awareness Day.

We will be holding a virtual run for everyone to have fun running or raising funds for RUNDIPG and our research. We encourage all our supporters to get involved by starting a Everyday Hero fundraising page.

To support our amazing fundraisers we’ll be giving away some great prizes:

  • $200 Raised: Visor
  • $500 Raised: Shirt
  • $1,000 Raised: Jumper
  • $2,000 Raised: Bag

Collecting all prizes as you go, prizes issued at the end of each month.


We will also be doing hundreds of dollars’ worth of mystery prizes throughout the comp and for those competitive runners out there prize packs for the best times.

Children’s Brain Cancer Awareness Month

  • Donate, run and raise funds
  • Share in great prizes.

If you have any questions, please let us know by emailing

Each week we will provide regular updates and answers to any FAQ’s.

How to: 

Get started by setting up an Every Day Hero fundraising page

Update your followers Take screen shots of your runs through your chosen app e.g. Nike Run Club or Garmin

Raise much needed funds Children’s Brain Cancer Awareness Month and RUN DIPG

If you’re not a runner show your support by getting RUNDIPG merch and/ or donating to your favourite runners

Fundraising Social Media Kit

Coming next week.



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