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Dr Phoebe Dun (Chairperson)
Phoebe Dun / Dr Phoebe Hindley has a Bachelor of Medicine, graduating from the University of Newcastle in 2009.

Dr Matthew Dun (Director)
Dr Matt Dun is a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Emerging Leadership Fellow (2020-2024) and a Defeat DIPG ChadTough New Investigator (2020-2021).

Troy Bailey (General Manager)

Completed Bachelor of Business at University of Newcastle 2006. More than 12 years experience in event, account and business management within the FMCG Industry. Board member of University of Newcastle Rugby Club since 2020. Family friend to Matt and Phoebe and consistent volunteer to RUNDIPG since being founded.

Joseph Kennedy (Director and Company Secretary)
As Company Secretary, the focus of Joseph’s work with RUN DIPG is primarily focussed on governance, accounts and compliance.

Luke Eagle (Director and Public Officer)
Luke is the founder and visionary behind Eagle Eye Insurance Solutions.

Ryan Vesper (Director)
As a director of RUN DIPG Ryan’s goal is to ensure that he supports Matt and the Board in improving the outcomes for patients and their families affected by this insidious disease.

Jason Lehmann (Director)
Jason is a Director and a founding member of RUN DIPG. He is a long time friend of Matt Dun whom he met when serving on submarines in the RAN.


We depend on the generosity, passion and dedication of our volunteers. Thank you to our main volunteers listed below. We love you guys!

Gina Kennedy & Jo Crosbie (fundraising)
Gina and Jo generously donate their time in our fundraising events area. They plan, organise and execute various fundraising events, and we couldn’t do this without them!

Carly Pettitt and Michael Dillon (accounts)
Carly has been on board since October 2019, helping to coordinate our accounts and book-keeping area. Carly has spent countless hours whipping our accounts into shape and developing systems to ensure compliance. Michael is a practising accountant and has generously given us his time to ensure our accounting practices were compliant and appropriate.


HM Focus
HM Focus are a Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney focused on building growth strategies for established businesses and emerging brands. HM Focus are our partners who provide us with assistance with our website, marketing, social media, merchandise store, fundraising platforms and various other services.

PKF Newcastle
PKF Accountants and Business Advisers, is an award-winning practice that prides itself on delivering smart, honest financial and strategic advice. They focus on equipping their clients with all the right information to make their own decisions, offering a variety of financial and business advisory services. PKF provide RUN DIPG with pro bono accountancy assistance and advice.

DFK Crosbie
DFK Crosbie provide RUN DIPG with pro bono auditing assistance to ensure our compliance with applicable regulation including the ACNC requirements.


Together we make all the difference


PO Box 110
St Leonards NSW 1590


E | hello@rundipg.org

P | 0409 167 504


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