Dr Dun presents to the 2019 International DIPG Symposium 1-4 August 2019, Pullman Sydney Hyde Park.

Bringing together charitable foundations, medical institutions, scientific researchers and even families affected by DIPG, the 2019 International DIPG Symposium was an inspiring four day showcase. The mammoth efforts of The Cure Starts Now in bringing together such a wide variety of stakeholders were applauded by attendees, the meeting reported to be some 24 months in the making.

By far the most impactful presentation of the meet was that of leukaemia researcher, Dr Matt Dun, where he spoke candidly about the days leading to the confronting diagnosis of DIPG for then 2-year-old daughter Josephine. Describing the disbelief that followed, both with regards to Josie’s fate and to the void of knowledge surrounding the mechanisms driving the growth and survival of DIPG tumours, Dr Dun told of how he established his own program of DIPG research within his previously leukaemia-focussed laboratory.

Matt recounted the ways he continues to target Josie’s treatments to the particular genetic characteristics of her tumour, the volume and scope of his work applauded by clinicians, researchers and families of other children with DIPG.

Although Matt took leave from Josie’s hospital bedside in order to present at the symposium, the offers of support and collaboration from fellow attendees will be particularly valuable in his future efforts to find better treatments for all children diagnosed with DIPG.